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Namasya Herbal Hair Growth Oil (100 ml)

Namasya Herbal Hair Growth Oil (100 ml)

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Namasya Herbal Hair oil is a tested and proven ultimate therapeutic solution thanks to its multiple health attributes. It is a multi-prong sure shot solution against Migraine, Dandruff, Hairfall, Premature hair graying, Sleeping Disorders, Split Ends, Itching, Running Nose and many more. Namasya Herbal Hair Oil is an effective stimulant for hair growth.

Magic Massage to Migrate from Menacing Migraine

Migraine headache is a common condition associated with the modern stressful lifestyle. A result of specific changes within the brain, it is characterized by excruciating headache with associated symptoms of sensitivity to light, sound or even smells. A lot of patients are left with no choice but depend on lifelong medication for pain relief which also comes with side effects. For those seeking a lasting solution to this menacing condition,Namasya is the magic potion.

Invented about six years ago by combining various rare herbs, a lot of research has gone into preparing this oil to deal with hyperosmia (sensitivity to smell) that migraine patients suffer. A special care has been taken to ensure a pleasant odour in the oil keeping in mind the users who avoid herbal oils because of their strong smell which can be an embarrassment in public. All that a migraine patient needs to do is pour it on the head and massage gently in the prescribed manner for 3 months and then it’s farewell to chronic headache.

Namasya also comes with a lot of default additional health benefits and migraine cure is just one of them.

Namasya Herbal Hair oil, with its rare healing and rejuvenating properties, is suitable for all age groups.

How to use?

  • Apply it on the scalp using finger tips.
  • Massage gently for up to 10 minutes.
  • Rinse your head/hair after 30 minutes.

What to do and not

Use Namasya on a daily basis for up to a minimum of 90 days. However, 90 days of application is just a period to experience Namasya’s complete therapeutic benefits. It can be used even later or on a regular basis too.

For best results during therapy, it is advisable to avoid such foods which increase blood heat or acidic levels in the body.

Unlike many other herbal oils which could be used by individuals even during cough, cold, etc., it is recommended not to use Namasya hair oil during such conditions.


  • Coconut oil
  • Coconut Milk
  • Cow milk
  • Lot of other Ayurvedic herbs

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